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City Hall 952.924.2500

Please note: If you have an urgent need, please contact the staff person via the telephone number listed so that your request is answered in a timely manner. Because out-of-office email notifications are not delivered via this system a telephone call will ensure you reach a staff person who can answer your question or direct you to the correct resource. In case of emergency, please call 911.

Abernathy, LisaRecreation SupervisorOperations & Recreation952.924.2539
Beane, RickPark SuperintendentOperations & Recreation952.928.2854
Burch, MaryNaturalist ProgrammerOperations & Recreation952.924.2622
Clarke, GeoffreyField Supervisor - The Rec CenterOperations & Recreation952.924.2659
Eisold, JasonRec Center ManagerOperations & Recreation952.924.2547
Feinberg, GregInterpretive NaturalistOperations & Recreation952.924.2621
Fleck, JamieInterpretive NaturalistOperations & Recreation952.924.2624
Lombardi, JimRecreation SupervisorOperations & Recreation952.924.2538
Mandler, CarrieSecretary/Program AideOperations & Recreation952.924.2544
McConnell, BeckyInterpretive NaturalistOperations & Recreation952.924.2620
Oestreich, MarkWestwood Hills Nature Center ManagerOperations & Recreation952.924.2543
Rice, ShawnField Supervisor - Parks MaintenanceOperations & Recreation952.924.2562
Rosa, NateRecreation SupervisorOperations & Recreation952.924.2542
Shingles, KoriRecreation and Facilities SupervisorOperations & Recreation952.928.1415
Turnbull, MiriamInterpretive NaturalistOperations & Recreation952.924.2623
Voelker, StacyAdministrative SecretaryOperations & Recreation952.924.2546
Voigt, JudyWeed InspectorOperations & Recreation952.924.1405
Voss, CarolineOffice AssistantOperations & Recreation952.924.2540
Walsh, CindyOperations & Recreation DirectorOperations & Recreation952.924.2541
Weather Cancelation/Event HotlineOperations & Recreation952.924.2567