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City Hall 952.924.2500

Please note: If you have an urgent need, please contact the staff person via the telephone number listed so that your request is answered in a timely manner. Because out-of-office email notifications are not delivered via this system a telephone call will ensure you reach a staff person who can answer your question or direct you to the correct resource. In case of emergency, please call 911.

Bethke, DavidConstruction Codes Inspector - ElectricalInspections952.924.2583
Boettcher, AnnInspection Services ManagerInspections952.924.2504
Borken, AaronPermit TechnicianInspections952.924.2522
Bredenberg, JasonProperty Maintenance InspectorInspections952.924.2589
Burr, JoAnnePermit TechnicianInspections952.928.1359
Cheney, AdamSenior Construction Codes InspectorInspections952.924.2585
Dube, JimConstruction Codes InspectorInspections952.924.2695
Eggers, BretProperty Maintenance InspectorInspections952.924.2182
Glad, RossConstruction Codes InspectorInspections952.924.2591
Hafner, JosephProperty Maintenance InspectorInspections952.924.2677
Hellam, JennyPermit TechnicianInspections952.924.2587
Hoffman, BrianDirector of InspectionsInspections952.924.2584
Kelzenberg, RandyProperty Maintenance InspectorInspections952.924.2590
Mart, ChrisConstruction Codes InspectorInspections952.924.2689
Pivec, MichaelProperty Maintenance InspectorInspections952.924.2626
Riley, BernieConstruction Codes Inspector - ElectricalInspections952.924.2582
Sala, GrantConstruction Codes InspectorInspections952.924.2664
Skallet, DavidChief Building OfficialInspections952.924.2586
Tierney, EileenOffice AssistantInspections952.924.2537