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Verify Property Lot lines

updated: Thursday, April 20, 2017

Before you build any structure or install landscaping, you must verify the location of your property lines. Here are several ways to determine your lot lines:

  • Locate your lot's corner irons. Often, you can use a metal detector to find your property's corner irons. Usually, these are 18-inch metal pipes that were buried in each of the four corners of your yard when the parcel of land was subdivided. The invisible lines connecting the four property irons forms your property lines.
  • Come to City Hall to see if there is a lot survey on your property on file. (City Hall is located at 5005 Minnetonka Blvd.; come to the second floor service counter.)
  • Hire a registered land surveyor. Land surveyors are listed in the yellow pages under the "Surveyors - Land" section

And, don't forget, the first five feet of land from the curb into your property is not private property. This strip is public right-of-way and is reserved for public uses such as sidewalks, boulevard trees and storing plowed snow. Adjacent property owners may not install fences or make any permanent changes to boulevards. Landscaping on public property would have to be removed if it infringes on a public use (i.e., a new sidewalk will be installed).

Property owners are, however, responsible for shoveling adjacent public sidewalks and mowing the strip of grass along the boulevard.

For more information about boulevards, call (952) 924-2656. For more information about lot lines, call (952) 924-2575.

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