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Meeting Agendas & Minutes

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Online search of city records

The City of St. Louis Park follows the state’s General Records Retention Schedule which follows city, state and federal regulations for preserving records. The city is using Laserfiche WebLink as its electronic record imaging system for City Council and Economic Development Authority records management. Other city records will be added to WebLink and available for online public access in the future.

Available city council records

The following City Council documents are currently available in WebLink:

  • Agenda packets: 2006 – present
  • Official (signed) minutes: 1946 – present
  • Official (signed) resolutions: 1955 – 1958, 1971 – 1973, 1975 – present
  • Official (signed) ordinances: 1958 – present

Documents for missing or older years will be added over time as many need conversion from microfilm.

If you are familiar with Laserfiche WebLink, open the Laserfich Weblink site and begin searching.

If you are not familiar with it, view the instructions on using Laserfiche Weblink and then begin your search.

Additional city records

The following documents for official boards and commissions are currently available in WebLink:

  • Board of Zoning Appeals agendas: 2016 - present
  • Board of Zoning Appeals minutes: 2016 - present 
  • Charter Commission agenda packets: 2013 - present
  • Charter Commission minutes: 2013 - present
  • Environment & Sustainability Commission agendas: 2017 - present
  • Environment & Sustainability Commission minutes: 2016 - present
  • Fire Civil Service Commission agendas: 2013 - present
  • Fire Civil Service Commission minutes: 2013 - present
  • Housing Authority agendas: 2016 - present
  • Housing Authority minutes: 2016 - present
  • Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission agendas: 2016 - present
  • Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission minutes: 2016 - present
  • Planning Commission agenda packets: 2016 - present
  • Planning Commission minutes: 2016 - present

Boards and commissions agendas and minutes are available for most of the other city boards and commissions online through the city's website. From the main boards and commissions page, click on the individual board or commission to find specific agendas and minutes. Older documents will be added to the system over time.


Melissa Kennedy, City Clerk