Mobility Sharing

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What is mobility sharing?

Mobility sharing is a transportation solution ideal for short-distance, point-to-point trips. It allows users to pick up an available scooter or bike for use within a specific service area, generally the boundaries of a city. Some are “dockless”, meaning they are picked up and dropped off wherever within the service area. These scooters have GPS capabilities to monitor use and identify location.

Will mobility sharing be available in St. Louis Park? (6/10/19)

St. Louis Park staff is recommending Spin to be approved for a mobility sharing license in the city. For more information, read the staff report from page 30 - 32. The license will be up for approval at the city council meeting on Monday, June 17.

Reporting abandoned scooters or bikes

Lime scooter

In general, you should contact the company the scooter or bike belongs to. Located on the device, you should find a phone number and/or an email to contact the provider. An identification number will be next to a QR code on the scooter or bike. Please have this number ready when contacting the mobility provider or the city.

Lime - Green scooters and bikes

To report an abandoned green scooter or bike, contact Lime at 1.888.546.3345,, or through the Lime app available for Apple and Android devices.

Spin - Orange scooters

Spin scootersTo report an abandoned orange scooter, contact Spin at 1.888.262.5189,, or through the Spin app available for Apple and Android devices.

Nice Ride - Green and blue bikes

To report an abandoned green or blue bike, contact Nice Ride at 1.877.551.6423,, or through the Nice Ride app available for Apple and Android devices.

You can also report an abandoned shared bike or scooter through myStLouisPark under the "streets and sidewalk" category.

If the scooter or bike is on private property and you are able to, move it to the sidewalk or someplace safe where it can be seen.



If you have any other questions regarding mobility sharing, dockless mobility options or anything related to mobility in St. Louis Park, please contact:

Ben Manibog, Transportation Engineer