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Mobility Sharing

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Mobility sharing survey

Updated 2/28/20

Thank you for taking part in the online survey! The results of the survey will be shared in the near future with the council as well as the community.

The city is looking to gather feedback from the St. Louis Park community about how they experienced mobility sharing services during the 2019 pilot program, including how the pilot went and if it should be continued in 2020.

What is mobility sharing?

Mobility sharing is a transportation solution ideal for short-distance, point-to-point trips. It allows users to pick up an available scooter or bike for use within a specific service area, generally the boundaries of a city. Some are “dockless”, meaning they are picked up and dropped off wherever within the service area. These scooters have GPS capabilities to monitor use and identify location.

Mobility sharing in St. Louis Park

Spin scooters are now available for use in St. Louis Park. The city does not have any other agreements with mobility sharing companies at this time. To access Spin scooters, download the Spin app available for Apple and Android devices. If you do not have a smartphone, credit card, or bank account, or have limited or low income, see the section below titled, "Mobility sharing access alternatives".

Scooter users must follow the same traffic laws as bicyclists. They are allowed to be used on city or Three Rivers Park District trails. However, they cannot be used on the sidewalk according to state statute. You may begin or end your trip in Spin's service area which includes St. Louis Park, Minneapolis, Golden Valley, and St. Paul. To use a Spin scooter, you must be at least 18 years of age or be older than 13 years of age and are authorized to use it by a parent or legal guardian. For more information, visit Spin's website.

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Mobility sharing access alternatives

If you do not have a smartphone, credit card, or bank account, or have limited or low income, you can still use Spin scooters through their Spin Access program. You can either sign up online at Spin Access' website or sign up at City Hall. There are opportunities for free rides up to 30 minutes or 50% off of standard fare for those with limited or low income. To qualify, you will need to submit a photo or scan of a document such as your enrollment in SNAP, TANF, WIC, or any official city, state, or federal support program with a low income requirement. If you require further help, see Spin's contact information below.

Spin scooters

Reporting unsafe or abandoned scooters and bikes

In general, you should contact the company the scooter or bike belongs to. Located on the device, you should find a phone number and/or an email to contact the provider. An identification number will be next to a QR code on the scooter or bike. Please have this number ready when contacting the mobility provider or the city.

Spin - Orange scooters

To report an abandoned orange scooter, contact Spin at 1.888.249.9698,, or through the Spin app available for Apple and Android devices.

Lime scooter
Lime - Green scooters

To report an abandoned green scooter, contact Lime at 1.888.546.3345,, or through the Lime app available for Apple and Android devices.

Lyft - Black scooters

To report an abandoned black scooter, contact Lyft at 1.877.551.6423,, or through the Lyft app available for Apple and Android devices.

Nice Ride - Green and blue bikes

Lyft scooter

To report an abandoned green or blue bike, contact Nice Ride at 1.877.551.6423,, or through the Nice Ride app available for Apple and Android devices.

You can also report an abandoned shared bike or scooter through myStLouisPark under the "streets and sidewalk" category.

If the scooter or bike is on private property and you are able to, move it to the sidewalk or someplace safe where it can be seen.

Bicycle/scooter safety education


If you have any other questions regarding mobility sharing, dockless mobility options or anything related to mobility in St. Louis Park, please contact:

Ben Manibog, transportation engineer