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Neighborhood association contact

Blackstone neighbors formed a small neighbors group in 1999. They organize a summer picnic and a National Night Out gathering each year.

Association contact

Gary Berscheid, president — 952.545.5262

City council ward

The Blackstone Neighborhood is in Ward 4.

For your council representative's name, go to the city council page.


  • North: City of Golden Valley
  • South: Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad
  • East: Highway 100
  • West: CP Rail

Neighborhood characteristics

  • Population: 669 (2000 Census) 
  • Size: 332.2 acres, 44 blocks
  • Neighborhood park: Blackstone Park
  • Parks and open space: 7.2 percent
  • Commercial/industrial: 61.6 percent
  • Housing: 451 housing units (98 single-family homes, 335 townhouses and 102 apartment units)
    • Average year built (single-family homes) — 1955
  • Located in the neighborhood: Wetland just south of Cedar Lake Road and the West End