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Neighborhood association

The Browndale Neighborhood Association formed in 1996. They host an annual winter skating party, spring egg hunt, summer picnic and fall bonfire. Block captains help deliver a regular neighborhood newsletter and gardeners maintain flower plantings in the park.

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    Upcoming events

    City council ward

    The Browndale Neighborhood is in Ward 2.

    For your council representative's name, go to the city council page.


    • North: Excelsior Boulevard
    • South: City of Edina
    • East: Wooddale Avenue South and City of Edina
    • West: Highway 100

    Neighborhood characteristics

    • Population: 1,418 (2010 Census)
    • Size: 160.9 acres, 22 blocks
    • Neighborhood park: Browndale Park
    • Parks and open space: 6.6 percent
    • Commercial/retail: 1.1 percent
    • Housing: 607 housing units (549 single-family homes, 36 condos, 18 apartments and four duplexes)
      • Average year built (single-family homes) — 1942
    • Subdivided: 1915