Neighborhood association

Creekside has a small, but active neighbors group which formed in 1996. They coordinate an annual summer block party for all neighbors. The steering committee, made up of officers and Creekside neighbors, meets twice a year to conduct business. Neighbors are encouraged to join. The annual meeting for the entire neighborhood is in April.

Association contacts

City council ward

The Creekside Neighborhood is in Ward 2.

For your council representative's name, go to the city council page.


  • North: Excelsior Boulevard
  • South: City of Edina
  • East: Brookside Avenue South
  • West: City of Hopkins

Neighborhood characteristics

  • Population: 419 (2002 Census)
  • Size: 218.9 acres, seven blocks
  • Neighborhood parks: Meadowbrook Manor Park
  • Parks and open space: 74 percent
    • Meadowbrook Golf Course occupies 65 percent of the neighborhood
  • Commercial/retail: 0.78 percent
  • Housing: 191 housing units (171 single-family homes, 2 townhouses, 12 apartments and six duplexes)
    • Average year built (single-family houses) — 1939
    • 50 percent of the homes were built prior to 1940, and 18 percent were built before 1920.
  • Located in the neighborhood: Meadowbrook Golf Course, Minnehaha Creek and Meadowbrook Lake