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Neighborhood association

The Elmwood neighbors group formed in 1997. They host an annual fall gathering each year. Find the Elmwood Neighborhood on Nextdoor.

City council ward

The Elmwood Neighborhood is in Ward 2.

For your council representative's name, go to the city council page.


  • North: Highway 7
  • South: Excelsior Boulevard
  • East: Highway 100
  • West: CP Railroad

Neighborhood characteristics

Elmwood is one of St. Louis Park's oldest neighborhoods. It is the location of many of St. Louis Park's original homes. 

  • Population: 1,627 (2010 Census)
  • Size: 231.9 acres, 12 blocks
  • Neighborhood parks: Jorvig Park, Center Park and Justad Park
  • Parks and open space: 1 percent
  • Commercial/industrial: 24.7 percent
  • Housing: 518 housing units (272 single-family homes, 168 apartment units and 78 duplex units)
    • Average year built (single-family homes) — 1939
  • Located in the neighborhood: Fire Station 1