Neighborhood association

The Texa-Tonka Neighborhood is organizing their neighborhood association! Join the neighborhood at their first meeting:

Thursday, Aug. 16, 6 - 8 p.m. at Ainsworth Park

All are welcome to come and meet the association members and neighbors, learn more about organizing the neighborhood and enjoy a root beer float.

For information about starting one, contact Community Liaison Breanna Freedman at 952.924.2184 or

City council ward

The Texa-Tonka Neighborhood is in Ward 3.

For your council representative's name, go to the city council page.


  • North: Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad
  • South: Minnetonka Boulevard
  • East: Louisiana Avenue South
  • West: Virginia Avenue South and Hutchinson Spur Regional Trail

Neighborhood characteristics

  • Population: 1,964 (2002 Census)
  • Size: 180.8 acres, 20 blocks
  • Neighborhood parks: Ainsworth Park, Texa-Tonka Park and Rainbow Park
  • Parks and open space: 4.9 percent
  • Commercial/industrial: 18 percent
  • Housing: 868 housing units (382 single-family homes, 32 duplexes, 10 townhomes, 75 condominiums and 369 apartment units)
    • Average year built (single-family homes) — 1952
    • 75 percent of single-family homes were built between 1951 and 1954
  • Located in the neighborhood: Hutchinson Spur Regional Trail