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Winter Parking Exemptions

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St. Louis Park's snow removal ordinance restricts on-street parking once 3 inches of snow has accumulated. There are some exceptions, but only in select locations where ample off-street parking is limited. On these public streets, parking is allowed during a snow emergency. 

Winter parking exemption areas

View the winter parking exemptions map to locate the areas that are exempt or call 952.924.2562.

Plowing winter parking exemption areas

When needed, winter exemption areas will be posted with temporary “no parking” signs to allow plows to clear and remove snow to the curb. Below is the typical process for snow removal.

  • Day 1: “No parking” signs are posted on one side of the street, side A. Vehicles must be moved from this side of the street to another location, such as a neighboring street that has already been plowed, or to the other side of the street.
  • Day 2: Snow is removed from side A, and the “no parking” signs on side A are moved to the other side of the street, side B.
  • Day 3: Snow is removed from side B, “no parking” signs are removed and vehicles can park on both sides of the street.

Vehicles that ignore the “no parking” signs may be towed by the city so that plows can clear these streets.

Note: No parking on any city street is allowed for more than 48 hours, including winter exemption areas. After 48 hours, vehicles may be ticketed and towed.

How to avoid being ticketed or towed

Park in alternative areas

During snow removal, vehicles can be:

  • Moved to nearby city streets that have already been plowed.
  • Parked on the side of the street without “no parking” signs and that isn’t being plowed.
  • Parked in a friend’s or neighbor’s driveway, if arrangements are made.

Stay informed of snow emergencies

  • Sign up for ParkAlert, the city’s citizen notification system, at
  • Download the mystlouispark app for Apple and Android devices.
  • Follow the city’s social media sites on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Nextdoor.
  • Sign up for email and text notifications through GovDelivery
  • Call the winter parking hotline at 952.924.2180.
  • Watch ParkTV or the local television news stations (Channel 4, 5, 9, 11).


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