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Property Maintenance

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If you have questions or concerns about property maintenance, call the building and energy department at 952.924.2588.

Home exteriors

The city's property maintenance code requires that homes be properly maintained. The problems listed below represent violations of the city property maintenance code that must be corrected.


  • Peeling paint or bare wood
  • Broken windows
  • Rotted fascia boards


  • Inoperable or missing smoke detectors
  • Improper exhaust venting of dryers
  • Unsafe or overlooked electrical wiring
  • Unsafe furnaces or space heaters
  • Missing stair handrails

Garages and accessory structures

  • Garages or storage sheds that are structurally unsound or have rotted wood
  • Improperly working garage door openers


Lumber, scrap metal, tires, auto parts, inoperable cars or junk vehicles, junk and other items must be stored inside a garage or storage shed, not outside.

Garbage carts

Promptly put away garbage carts and recycling containers. City ordinance allows garbage carts and recycling bins to be at the curb for no more than 24 hours. Garbage carts and recycling bins may not be stored in the front yard or front setback.

Grass and weeds

Weeds and grass must be trimmed. If they grow higher than six inches, the City of St. Louis Park can have them cut at the property owner's expense. If you have a complaint about uncut grass or weeds, call 952.928.1405 or email

Shrubs and trees

Please trim trees and shrubs along alleys. Shrubs and branches overhanging alleys hinder drivers' visibility and scratch vehicles.

Seasonal tasks

One way to keep home maintenance chores manageable is by dividing tasks on a seasonal basis.

Structures that show extensive deterioration (rotted or bare wood, severely deteriorated roofs, leaning structures, broken windows, etc.) are in violation of the city property maintenance code. Owners may be contacted by the city and required to correct these conditions. Sound maintenance will protect your housing investment and ensure the quality of St. Louis Park's housing stock.

Is your address visible on your home or business?

Every second counts when you're waiting for a fire truck or ambulance. Please help police officers and firefighters find your home or business quickly; make sure your address numbers are easy to read.

Address numbers must be a minimum of 4 inches high with a minimum width of 0.5 inches. These numbers must contrast with their background. Also, garages facing alleys are required to have visible address numbers with the same requirements as primary buildings.

Property maintenance inspections before a sale

In St. Louis Park, property maintenance (point of sale) inspections are required whenever an owner or the owner's agent intends to sell or transfer ownership of property. The inspection must be done prior to listing the property. Find out more at selling your home and selling a commercial property.