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*** CommunityTV96/8118  schedule,  Friday, April 19, 7pm --to-- Tuesday, April 23, 6:59pm***

7:00 PM                Country Music Jam At LenoxCC -- Part 1  (TV1777, SID7891, 55min; r080217)

 8:00 PM               Country Music Jubilee featuring 'The Last Protocol -- Country & Bluegrass'  (CMJ-88; 58min; SID7946)

 9:00 PM               In Performance at LenoxCC -- 'Rhythmic Feet' (48min; 9-12-2012; TV1256; SID6037)



*** CommunityTV96/8118 schedule,  Tuesday, April 23, 7pm --to-- Friday, April 26, 6:59pm***

 7:00 PM               KHOP-TV -- Hopkins Public Schools ISD270 Board Meeting of 4-16-2019  (SID7232; xxmin)

 9:00 PM               In Performance At LenoxCC -- 'The Blooming Tones'  (55min; TV0802; SID2950)



*** CommunityTV96/8118 schedule,  Friday, April 26, 7pm --to-- Tuesday, April 30, 6:59pm***

 7:00 PM               Country Music Jam At LenoxCC -- Part 2 -- Listen to 14 Musicians! (TV1354, 56min; r050113; SID6357)

 8:00 PM               Country Music Jubilee -- 'The Banjo Boys' & Clara Rose Johnson  (CMJ-44;  59min; SID6098)

 9:00 PM               In Performance At LenoxCC -- Steve Paris performing at Red Hat Society Meeting (49min; TV0623; SID1894)