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*** CommunityTV96/8118 schedule,  Friday February 15, 7pm --to-- Tuesday, February 19, 6:59pm***

 7:00 PM               Country Music Jam At LenoxCC -- Part 2  (TV1769, SID7860, 55min; r070517)

 8:00 PM               Country Music Jubilee featuring The Biscuit Boys (CMJ-86;  59min; SID2806)

 9:00 PM               In Performance At LenoxCC -  'Stardust' (Jazz Vocal Trio) (55min; TV0204; SID1074)




*** CommunityTV96/8118 schedule,  Tuesday February 19, 7pm --to-- Friday, February 22, 6:59pm***

 7:00 PM               KHOP-TV -- Hopkins Public Schools ISD270 Board Meeting of 1-8-2019  (SID7232; 37m)

 8:00 PM               Old Time & Standards -- Accordion By Mary Jo Mileski at LenoxCC (TV1355, 50min; r010513)

 9:00 PM               In Performance at Lenox CC featuring The Big Stoop Band (12-14-2016; 59min; TV16104; SID7651)


*** CommunityTV96/8118 schedule,  Friday February 22, 7pm --to-- Tuesday, February 26, 6:59pm***

 7:00 PM               Country Music Jam At LenoxCC -- Part 2  (TV1407, SID6558, 58min; r020514)

 8:00 PM               Country Music Jubilee -- Sod Busters Band (CMJ-87;  59min; SID2796)

 9:00 PM               In Performance at LenoxCC -- The Sr. Commodores Big Band (TV1201; 59min; r011112; SID5716)