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ParkAlert Citizen Notification System

updated: Friday, December 16, 2016

park Alert Logo ParkAlert Upgrade
The City of St. Louis Park recently sent email and SMS notifications letting opt-in users know the ParkAlert notification system has been upgraded to a new software platform. The new system is customizable, and allows you to pick and choose what kind of alert notifications you want to receive and how you would like to receive them. Although you will continue to receive emergency alerts from ParkAlert, we ask that you re-validate your information in the new system, in order to access the updated features and subscriptions. Update your ParkAlert account.

ParkAlert Citizen Notification System Online Sign-Up Form
ParkAlert is the City of St. Louis Park's citizen notification service that allows the city to alert people to an emergency or other city service related events in your area. The system uses listed phone numbers from the white and yellow pages, but you may also enter additional ways we can contact you, such as cell phones, business phones and email. You can even receive alerts as text messages. The information you enter is protected and will not be used for any other purpose except as required by law.

How Alerts Work
When we issue a message, it will be sent to all standard voice and text communication devices that you have registered, including land-line phones, cell phones, email and more. If you don't confirm receipt of the message, the system will try to reach your second contact number or email. The system will continue trying to contact you until it receives a receipt confirmation from you or attempted to reach all devices registered.

Sign Up for Alerts
Residents and businesses with listed telephone numbers have already been included in the system to receive emergency messages by land-line phone. You may also use the registration link to include additional ways to contact you or to receive non-emergency messages. Note that if you are not listed in the white or yellow pages, you must register to receive emergency or non-emergency messages.

Non-emergency alerts that you can choose to opt into include:

  • Non-weather related parking bans
  • Significant road detours/work
  • Significant city service interruptions
  • Other meetings/events

Emergency alerts that could be sent include:

  • A predicted or sudden unforeseen crisis affecting public safety
  • Weather-related parking bans

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