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Race Equity in St. Louis park


Race Equity

updated: Thursday, April 06, 2017

In 2016 a team of St. Louis Park City Council members and city staff participated in a year-long program on advancing racial equity. This program was facilitated by the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) along with the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) Center for Social Inclusion (CSI), and provided an introduction to the roles, responsibilities and opportunities for government to advance racial equity.

The city participated with the following goals in mind:

  • Gain understanding of racial equity.
  • Develop a shared racial equity analysis including definitions.
  • Analyze policies and practices from a racial equity perspective.
  • Strategize with others on how government can advance racial equity.

So far, the city has:

  • Developed a racial equity statement
  • Provided training to all city staff on racial equity.

The city is moving into year two with LMC and CSI, along with development of department action plans and continued education and understanding. Work with advancing racial equity is a journey that will continue as part of the city's regular business and service delivery. The city council is also working with the Human Rights Commission, Multicultural Advisory Committee and other groups on ideas and direction for continued outreach in advancement of race equity.

Mayor Jake Spano said, "As we conduct city business and make decisions that affect our community, we want to hear from the full range of people who represent our community.  To make that happen, it is important that we are deliberate and intentional about reaching out for input from people who were historically not part of the decision-making process. The result of St. Louis Park’s work on racial equity will result in more effective delivery of city services to all of our neighborhoods and make our community a more equitable, inclusive and welcoming place to call home."

City of St. Louis Park Racial Equity Statement

If the practices, programs and services of the city are not fair, inclusive and equitable to tall, the potential of the community and those it serves is diminished. From an elected, appointed and staffing perspective, our organization does not mirror the community. We will strive for racial equity by building understanding of the issues in our organization and intentionally and proactively take measures that break down barriers to a just and inclusive community.

Moving Forward Together as a City: St. Louis Park's Racial Equity brochure (PDF)

City Council Reports

March 20, 2017, Study Session: The City Council is asked to discuss next steps related to advancing race equity.

November 14, 2016, Study Session: To continue discussion and provide information on work and communication related to our year-long participation in the Advancing Racial Equity and Transforming Government program with the Center for Social Inclusion (CSI) and League of Minnesota Cities (LMC).

July 25, 2016, Study Session: To provide information and have a discussion regarding our year-long participation in the Advancing Racial Equity and Transforming Government program with the Center for Social Inclusion (CSI) and League of Minnesota Cities (LMC).

Other City Documents

Mayor Jake Spano discusses racial equity at State of the City (YouTube, March 23, 2017)

A Baseline Analysis of the State of Racial Equity in St. Louis Park (PowerPoint, March 2016)

Racial Equity Overview (PowerPoint, July 2016)

Advancing Racial Equity: Cohort Report to CSI and LMC (PowerPoint, December 7, 2016)

In the News

Message Matters: Inclusive Communications in a Diverse World (Minnesota Cities Magazine, LMC, March-April 2017)

Building Racial Equity in Cities (Minnesota Cities Magazine, LMC, May 2016)

More Resources

Government Working Towards Racial Equity (LMC, Handout from the 2017 Leadership Conference for Experienced Officials)

Focus on Race Equity: A City's Role (LMC, Presentation from the 2017 Leadership Conference for Experienced Officials)


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