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Recycling for Small Businesses & Multi-family Properties

updated: Friday, February 17, 2017

Small businesses and multi-family residential (up to 8 units) are allowed to participate in any of the city’s single-family residential solid waste collection programs including recycling, organics recycling, and garbage. A business may choose to join one or more of the single-family residential programs as long as the following criteria are met: 

  • Service location is along existing single-family residential collection routes
  • Amount of waste generated can be collected in city-provided carts, not dumpsters

Note: All programs provide up to two 90-gallon carts (2 garbage, 2 recycling, 2 organics), additional carts may be requested and are made available at the City's discretion. Additional garbage carts will result in an increase in service fees. Additional organics or recycling carts are free.

The same rules and collection schedules apply to small businesses, multi-family and single-family residential. Participation in the program by any multi-family residential building or business can be terminated at any time by the city.

Collection schedules are as follows:

  • Garbage and organics recycling must be collected weekly
  • Recycling must be collected every-other-week

Request information and pricing by calling or emailing Emily Barker at the contact information listed below.

Need technical assistance with setting up or imporving your business recycling? Want to start an organics recycling program? Interested in adding new recycling containers? Looking for signage?
Hennepin County provides all of these resources to businesses throughout the county. Visit for more information.


All multi-family residential buildings are required by city ordinance to offer recycling to their tenants, see Chapter 22 of the City Code. Recycling containers must be kept in the same location as garbage containers.

Most commercial buildings were required by the State to begin recycling on January 1, 2016, see information from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Licensed food establishments are required by city ordinance to use reusable, returnable, recyclable, or compostable food and beverage packaging and provide appropriate recycling and/or organics recycling collection in-house. See information on the Zero Waste Packaging Ordinance here.

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