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About Our Public Schools

updated: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

St. Louis Park LogoFor more information on the St. Louis Park School District visit: The following list gives information on all public schools in St. Louis Park. Click on the links to visit each school's website.

St. Louis Park Schools
Aquila Elementary 8500 West 31st St. 952.928.6500
Peter Hobart Elementary 6500 West 26th St. 952.928.6600
Susan Lindgren Elementary 4801 West 41st St. 952.928.6700
Park Spanish Immersion Elementary 6300 Walker St. 952.928.6759
St. Louis Park Middle School 2025 Texas Ave. S. 952.928.6300
St. Louis Park High School 6425 West 33rd St. 952.928.6100
St. Louis Park Public Schools Offices 6425 West 33rd St. 952.928.6000


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