City Cleanup Days

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The next cleanup day will be Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018

The city typically holds two citywide cleanup events throughout the year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The 2018 spring cleanup day was held Saturday, June 9 with a makeup event held on Saturday, June 23 due to weather conditions.

Items collected, charged per item (noted below)

  • Box/tube TVs* and CRT monitors* — $35 (Note: Hennepin County drop-off facilities charge $10 per TV/monitor; limit five per year.)
  • Printers, VCR/DVD players, stereos — $5
  • Tires* — $6 off rim, $8 on rim
  • Mattresses and box springs (any size) — $15
  • Appliances* and microwaves — $15
  • Stuffed chair/recliner — $15
  • Love seat (two cushion) — $20
  • Sofa (three cushion) — $30
  • Sofa sleeper — $40
  • Sectional (per cushion) — $10 for one cushion, $20 for two cushions, $30 for three cushions

Items collected, charged by volume ($12/car, $22/minivan or SUV, $32/pickup, $36/trailer)

  • Large trash items — Broken/unusable items including chairs, tables, lawn/patio furniture, toys, storage containers. Smaller trash items should be placed in your curbside garbage cart.
  • Remodeling debris, scrap wood

Items collected for free

  • Bicycles in any condition
  • Holiday lights and extension cords
  • Flat panel monitors*, flat screen TVs*, desktop computer towers,* laptops,* notebooks and keyboards
  • Mobile devices — Cell phones, tablets,* MP3 players, cords and chargers
  • Scrap metal — Grills, steel shelving, bed frames, gutters, etc. Lawn mowers and snow blowers must be drained of all fluids.
  • Paper for shredding — Limit five grocery-sized bags per vehicle. Paper is shredded on-site and will be recycled.

*It's illegal to throw these items in the garbage. For proper disposal of these items, and to view items not accepted at this event, check out Hennepin County's Green Disposal Guide or call 612.348.3777. 

Can't make the event?

You may decide to pay to have items picked up at your residence. Waste Management provides collection for appliances, bulky materials, electronics and more at the curb, for a fee. Call Waste Management at 763.783.5423 for details. 

Many items accepted at the city's cleanup events are accepted year-round at other locations in the metro area. Visit Hennepin County's Green Disposal Guide for information. Mark your calendar for the fall cleanup day, which will be held at the Municipal Service Center on Sept. 22, 2018.


  • Wait times: Reduce your wait time and vehicle load fees by coordinating with your neighbors or friends to load up one vehicle to deliver items to the fall cleanup.
  • Safety: For your safety, we ask that you do not walk or bike in with your materials for drop-off.
  • Donations and reuse: More reuse opportunities are available by searching the Choose to Reuse website.
  • Other city cleanup events: The city holds two cleanup day events each year in June and September.


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