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Collection Rates & Fees

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Services included with your quarterly rate

  • Use of city-owned garbage, recycling and organics recycling carts (must opt in to receive organics cart)
  • Collection of garbage that fits inside the cart
  • Collection of recyclables that fit inside the cart, along with extra recyclables placed in paper bags or boxes next to the cart
  • Collection of organics recycling that fits inside the cart
  • Collection of yard waste from April to November

Your total rate depends on the size of your garbage cart(s). All garbage collection is provided weekly unless every-other-week (EOW) garbage collection is requested. Please note that EOW garbage is only available for 20-gallon or 30-gallon carts who participate in organics collection or backyard composting. More information is available on the garbage webpage.

Solid waste collection rates

Service Level Cart Volume (gallons) 2020 Quarterly RateS
20 EOW  EOW (Every-other-week) garbage $30.23 
20 30 (with 20-gallon insert) $41.96 

30 EOW 

EOW (Every-other-week) garbage  $40.19 
30 30 $57.35 
60 60 $81.63 
90 90 $125.12 
120 60 + 60 $198.77 
150 60 + 90 $248.45 
180 90 + 90 $298.14 
270 90 + 90 + 90 $447.20 
360 90 + 90 + 90 + 90 $596.29 

The way solid waste rates are displayed on your bill has been updated to more accurately represent what is included. The rates are broken down as follows:

  • SOLID WASTE - RECY/ORG/YW (NONTAX): The amount paid by a household for the collection and processing
    of recycling, organics and yard waste, regardless of whether the household participates or not.
  • SOLID WASTE - GARBAGE (TAXABLE): The amount paid by a household for the collection and processing of garbage. This portion of your bill is subject to the following:
    • SOLID WASTE TAX - STATE: State of Minnesota, 9.75%
    • SOLID WASTE MGMT FEE - COUNTY: Hennepin County, 15.5% (increased from 9% to 15.5% on April 1, 2019) 

Garbage stickers

Your standard rate does not cover collection of garbage that does not fit easily in your cart with the lid closed. If you have extra bags of household garbage, they must be marked with a $3 extra garbage sticker to ensure they are picked up.  

These stickers are ONLY for bags of regular household garbage. They are not for bulky items like carpeting or furniture, appliances, electronics or yard waste.

While city facilities are closed to the public, extra garbage stickers can be purchased by calling city hall at 952.924.2500 or emailing to arrange for pickup and payment.


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