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Weekly collection

Residential garbage is collected every week. Find your collection day, and then follow these guidelines to ensure your garbage is picked up: 

  • Set your garbage out by 7 a.m.
  • Carts cannot be placed in the street, alley or on a sidewalk.
  • Garbage must fit inside your cart with the lid completely closed.
  • If you have extra bags of garbage, they must be marked with a $2 extra garbage sticker.
  • If you believe your garbage was missed, please call Waste Management at 763.783.5423.

You can increase or decrease the size of your garbage cart and change your garbage service level. To make changes, call utility billing at 952.924.2111 or fill out the garbage cart selection form. To pay your utility bill, go to utility billing.

Missed pickup

If you believe your pickup has been missed, contact Waste Management at 763.783.5423 or email

Appliances, electronics and bulky item collection

Curbside collection of appliances, electronics and bulky items can be arranged by calling Waste Management's Customer Service Hotline at 763.783.5423 to schedule a pickup. This includes hard-to-get-rid-of items such as large broken toys, carpet, mattresses, furniture, and construction or remodeling materials, including wood. This also includes items that must be recycled such as electronics, TVs, appliances and microwaves. Residents must prepay Waste Management for a bulky item collection.

Garbage hold request

If your property will be vacant for four or more consecutive weeks, you can submit a request to place your garbage and recycling collection on hold. This was previously referred to as the extended absence program. To qualify for a garbage hold, the following conditions must be met:

  • The property must be vacant for a minimum of four consecutive weeks.
  • You must notify Utility Billing two weeks before the property is vacant.
  • Garbage, recycling and organics recycling containers must be placed in a location where they are not visible to the hauler.

For more information, contact utility billing at 952.924.2111 or download the garbage hold request form. For vacancies longer than a year, a new form must be submitted each year. 

Walkup service

This is an optional service for residents who may not be able to set their trash out at the curb or alley. Waste Management can collect your garbage at a different location on your property for an extra fee. Sign up by calling Waste Management at 763.783.5423.

Walk-up service is billed directly to residents on an annual basis by Waste Management. The rates are:

  • 2018 - $5 per month plus taxes and fees


Waste Management

Public works division
Municipal Service Center
7305 Oxford St.
St. Louis Park, MN 55426


St. Louis Park is required by law to give its residents the following information word for word:

You may be responsible for any liability that results from contamination at a facility where your waste has been deposited. Minnesota believes that its waste management system provides substantially more financial and environmental protection than depositing waste in landfills in other states. Managing your waste in Minnesota may minimize your potential liability.

The city’s garbage hauler, Waste Management, only disposes of waste at facilities that are fully permitted and licensed. These facilities are fully compliant with all local, state and federal regulations governing financial and environmental protection. Waste Management complies with specific disposal requirements found in their Service Agreements and County Waste Delivery Agreements. St. Louis Park's single-family residential mixed municipal solid waste collected by Waste Management is disposed of at the following facility:

Hennepin Energy Resource Company (HERC)
505 6th Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55405
Type of Facility: Mass Burn Waste-to-Energy
MPCA Permit Number: SW-396