Organics recycling is a voluntary program for collection of food scraps and other compostable material like paper egg cartons and paper towels. There is no extra cost to participate, but residents need to sign up in order for an organics cart to be delivered to their home.

Organics are collected in certified compostable bags and placed in a brown-lidded organics cart for weekly collection by the city's contractor, Advanced Disposal. Check out the organics acceptable materials page to see a list of materials that can be put in your organics cart for composting. Free stickers to label your containers at home are available and can be requested when you pick up your compostable bags or ordered through Hennepin County's resource order form.

Missed pickup

If you believe your pickup has been missed, contact Advanced Disposal at 763.786.7233 or email

How to participate 

  1. To sign up, call utility billing at 952.924.2111 or complete the organics recycling sign up form. After you sign up, an organics cart will be delivered to you. Carts are available in 30- and 60-gallon sizes.
  2. Certified compostable bags must be used to collect your organics. The bags are provided by the city at no additional cost and can be picked up at City Hall or the Municipal Service Center.
  3. Begin collecting your organic materials in the city-provided compostable bags. Plastic bags are not acceptable. Make sure the bags are tied shut. Pizza delivery boxes may be placed loosely in the cart. Unbagged yard waste may also be placed in the cart alongside the compostable bags. 
  4. Set your cart out by 7 a.m. on your regular collection day each week.

Why should I participate in organics recycling?

Participating in the organics recycling program keeps food scraps and other compostable materials out of the trash. Instead of going to the landfill or incinerator, this organic material can be used to replenish soil, reduce erosion, and prevent polluted storm water runoff from contaminating wetlands, lakes and streams. It can help prevent climate change by capturing carbon dioxide and preventing greenhouse gas from being produced when food waste is landfilled.

The what happens to my organics video explains the organics recycling process, from kitchen to composter and back into the community again as nutrient rich compost. The video was produced by BizRecycling┬«, a program of the Ramsey / Washington Counties Resource Recovery Project.


Advanced Disposal
The city provides residential organics recycling and yard waste collection through a contract with Advanced Disposal. If you need to report a problem or missed pickup, call 763.786.7233 or email

Public Works
Municipal Service Center
7305 Oxford St.
St. Louis Park, MN 55426