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Organics FAQs

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  • Are frozen food boxes, fast food wrappers or to-go coffee cups accepted?

  • Are pizza delivery boxes and egg cartons compostable?

  • Can I change the size of my organics cart?

  • Can I use regular plastic bags to collect organics?

  • Does the city provide free kitchen pails?

  • How do I tie my compostable bags shut?

  • How is organics recycling different from backyard composting?

  • How often is my organics cart picked up?

  • If I don’t have much organic material, can I put my kitchen pail out for collection?

  • What about using my garbage disposal for food scraps?

  • What does the city provide to organics recycling customers?

  • What happens to the organic material once it has been collected?

  • Where can I find additional compostable bags if I run out of the bags the city supplies?

  • Where can I get finished compost from the program to use at my home?

  • Where can I pick up my supply of certified compostable bags?

  • Will my organics recycling container smell?