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Biweekly collection 

Recycling is collected every other week on your regular collection day. Find your collection day and use the 2018-19 recycling calendar to find your collection week. Set out your recycling by 7 a.m. to ensure collection. Check out the recycling acceptable materials page to see a list of items you can put in your recycling cart.

Please do not set your recycling cart in the street, alley or sidewalk. If you believe your recycling was missed, call Waste Management at 763.783.5423.

There is no additional cost for recycling collection; it is included in your standard garbage collection rate.

Missed pickup

If you believe your pickup has been missed, contact Waste Management at 763.783.5423 or email

Solid waste and recycling guide

A solid waste and recycling guide was mailed to households that receive city solid waste collection at the end of September 2018.

If you misplaced your guide, you can view the solid waste and recycling guide (PDF version) or request a copy by contacting public works at 952.924.2562.

Extra recycling

Extra recyclables are collected free of charge. Place them in a paper bag, cardboard box or an old recycling bin next to your cart. If you have excess cardboard, please cut or fold the cardboard into 3 feet by 3 feet sections, and bundle them with twine, string or tape. Place the bundles next to your recycling cart.

If you consistently have extra recycling, you can change your cart size or request an additional one. Call utility billing at 952.924.2111 or fill out the online recycling cart selection form.

Walkup service

This is an optional service for residents who may not be able to set their recycling cart out at the curb or alley. Waste Management can collect your recycling cart from a different location on your property for an extra fee. Sign up by calling Waste Management at 763.783.5423.

Walk-up service is billed directly to residents on an annual basis by Waste Management.

Every-other-week walk-up rate is $3 per month plus taxes and fees.

Clothing, shoes and home goods 

The city has partnered with Simple Recycling to provide curbside collection of unwanted clothing, shoes and small home goods on your regular recycling collection day. This new service is free and completely voluntary. All types of clothing, shoes, accessories, and small home goods such as kitchenware, books and toys are accepted. To participate, take the following steps: 

  1. Make sure you've received the specialized orange Simple Recycling collection bags. You may pick up additional bags at city hallThe Rec Center or Municipal Service Center when needed.
  2. Place clothing, shoes and home goods inside the bag and tie shut. Make sure that all items are clean and dry. 
  3. Set the orange bag at your front curb by 7 a.m. on your recycling collection day. When collected, a replacement bag will be left for you.  

Visit the Simple Recycling page for more information. 


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