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Recycling FAQs

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  • Can businesses get help setting up recycling programs?

  • Can holiday lights be recycled?

  • Can I collect my recycled materials in paper bags?

  • Can I collect my recycled materials in plastic bags?

  • Can I recycle clothing, shoes or home goods?

  • How do I get rid of my old recycling bins?

  • I don't need such a large cart; can I switch to a smaller cart?

  • I'm moving, should I take my recycling cart?

  • What are educational tags?

  • What are the approximate dimensions of the carts?

  • What can I recycle?

  • What happens if my cart is missing or damaged?

  • What is the Zero Waste Packaging Ordinance?

  • When is my recycling collection day?

  • Will you take extra recycling if I place it alongside my recycle cart?