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Clothing, Shoes and Small Home Goods RecyclingSimple Recycling Truck
The City of St. Louis Park has partnered with Simple Recycling to provide convenient, curbside collection of unwanted clothing, shoes, and small home goods on residents' regularly scheduled recycling day. Collection of clothing and other textiles was offered by a previous contractor, but the service had been unavailable for over three years.

This new curbside recycling opportunity is free and completely voluntary for residents who receive city recycling collection services.

How does it work?

  1. Make sure you’ve received the specialized, orange Simple Recycling collection bags via U.S. mail. They should arrive prior to the program start date of February 13, 2017. If not, see information below about where to request or pick up bags.
  2. Place clothing, shoes and home goods inside the bag and tie shut. All items must be in the orange bags for collection.
  3. Set the orange bag at your front curb by 7 a.m. on your recycling collection day. When collected, additional replacement bags will be left for you.

What’s accepted?
All types of clean and dry clothing, shoes, accessories, and small home goods in good working condition. Items must be placed in an orange bag for collection. A detailed list is provided below.

  • Men's, women's and children's clothing
  • Coats, jackets and hats
  • Jewelry, shoes and purses
  • Blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags
  • Curtains, drapes and tablecloths
  • Toys and backpacks
  • Pictures, picture frames and mirrors
  • Irons, toasters, hairdryers
  • Tools
  • Silverware, dishes, pots and pans

Where can I get more bags?
Additional bags can be requested from Simple Recycling by phone, email or online. See contact information at the bottom of this webpage.
Residents may also pick up bags at the following city buildings:

  • City Hall, 5005 Minnetonka Blvd. (1st and 3rd floor service desks)
  • The Rec Center, 3700 Monterey Drive
  • Municipal Service Center, 7305 Oxford St.

Visit the Facilities & Buildings page for business hours at these locations.

Can I put the bag in my recycling cart?
No, bags should never go in your recycling cart. The orange collection bags should be set at your front curb (even if you have alley collection for garbage and recycling) on your regularly scheduled recycling day.

What happens to it?
All of the materials are graded and sorted regionally based on quality and condition. The top quality materials will be resold to regional thrift outlets, mid-grade is exported to international markets and “unusable” items are processed for raw materials that are recycled as carpeting, insulation or sorbent material for spills.

Will I receive a donation receipt?
No, Simple Recycling is not a nonprofit organization. The city encourages residents to donate items to a local charities if they choose to, where they can receive a tax receipt.

Questions? Need more orange bags? Think your collection was missed?
Call 866.835.5068