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Waste Reduction

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While many of the City of St. Louis Park's programs focus on recycling and organics, we know that the best way to reduce your impact on our planet is by preventing and reducing waste in the first place. Reuse is a great way to keep existing items out of the trash, while also reducing the demand for new products. The city regularly hosts swap events to support reuse efforts.

Upcoming events

Gardener's Swap

Tuesday, May 12, 5:30 - 7 p.m.   
Recreation Outdoor Center (ROC), 3700 Monterey Drive

The city invites you to attend our third annual Gardener’s Swap! This is a great opportunity to clear out gardening tools you no longer use and take home new treasures. Invite your friends and neighbors; this event is free and open to all! No items may be sold at this event; everything must be given and taken freely.

What to bring

  • Garden and yard tools (shovels, trowels, rakes, pitchforks, hoses, etc.)
  • Pots and planters (wood, terracotta, decorative plastic)
  • Gardening and plant books
  • Garden art and décor
  • Bird houses and feeders
  • Plants (perennials and annuals; please label)
  • Seeds

What not to bring 

  • Chemicals of any kind (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.)
  • Black plastic pots or multi-packs
  • Broken items

Clothing Swap

Sunday, July 12, 2 - 4 p.m.   
Recreation Outdoor Center (ROC), 3700 Monterey Drive

Wardrobe in need of an update? Participate in the City of St. Louis Park’s annual clothing swap! This event is free and open to all ages and genders! You do not need to be from St. Louis Park to participate.

How the swap works

  • You fill a bag (or ten!) with your unwanted items and bring them to the swap. Items may not be dropped off early.
    • All styles, sizes and types of clothing, shoes, coats, jewelry, accessories, etc. are welcome. Please leave blankets, linens and pillows at home.
    • Please make sure items are clean.
    • We ask that everyone who brings clothing do so with the intent to participate in the swap. If you have items you would just like to donate, please take them directly to a thrift shop.
  • We will weigh all your items when you arrive.
  • You set out the items you brought on tables marked with specific categories.
  • You look through items others have brought and take home whatever you like (no limit!).
    • We will provide a mirror. You are also welcome to try items on in the nearby locker rooms.
  • We weigh everything that is left at the end of the swap, and calculate pounds swapped, donated and recycled. This helps us track the impact of the event. Leftover items will be donated.

Note: This year's swap will take place next to the rummage sale, which will run from 1 - 3 p.m. in the ROC.

If you have questions, please email or call Emily Barker at 952.924.2187. 

Choose to Reuse

Hennepin County hosts a Choose to Reuse website to help residents find places to buy, sell, donate, rent or repair items. The mission is to keep usable items out of the trash and to encourage reuse before buying new. Questions? Call 612.348.3777.

Building materials donations

Have extra materials from your latest building or remodeling project? Maybe you have leftover tile or hardware you don’t need but can’t return to the store? Or, maybe you removed old cabinets, but they are still in good condition. Don’t throw them out!

Better Futures Minnesota and Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore accept and sell usable building materials.

Opt out of phone books

If you don't use phone books anymore, you can opt out of phone book delivery by going to the Yellow Pages opt-out site.

If you haven’t opted out and have unwanted phone books, place them in your recycling cart for collection.