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Waste Reduction

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While many of the City of St. Louis Park's programs focus on recycling and organics, we know that the best way to reduce your impact on our planet is by preventing and reducing waste in the first place. Reuse is a great way to keep existing items out of the trash, while also reducing the demand for new products. The city regularly hosts swap events to support reuse efforts.

Upcoming events

Waste less workshop

Monday, April 22, 6 – 7 p.m.

This free workshop will give attendees great ideas and practical steps to reduce waste at home, work and on he go. If you are interested in attending, email or call 952.924.2562.

Gardener's Swap

Monday, May 6, 5 – 7 p.m.
Municipal Service Center, 7305 Oxford St.

Our second annual Gardener’s Swap! This is a great opportunity to clear out gardening tools you no longer use and take home new treasures. Invite your friends and neighbors; this event is free and open to all
  • What to bring
    • Garden and yard tools (shovels, trowels, rakes, pitchforks, hoses, etc.)
    • Pots and planters (wood, terracotta, decorative plastic; please NO black plastic pots or multi-packs)
    • Gardening and plant books
    • Garden art and décor
    • Bird houses and feeders
    • Plants (perennials and annuals; please label)
    • Seeds
  • What not to bring
    • Chemicals of any kind (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.)
    • Broken item

If you have items you would like to bring that are large or heavy, please call ahead to ensure it will be accepted.

Clothing Swap
Date TBD (summer 2019)

The city has hosted two previous swaps and is working to plan a third for 2019. Watch for details coming soon!

Choose to Reuse 

Watch for Hennepin County's Choose to Reuse coupon books, which are usually available from Aug. 1 through Oct. 31 each year. The books support local retailers that rent, repair, resell, consign and exchange used goods. You can find great deals on quality products while helping to protect the environment.

When the coupon books are available, you can pick them up at participating retail locations, Hennepin County Service Centers, Hennepin County libraries and at these city building locations:

You can also get the free coupons (when they’re available) through the Chinook Book app for Apple or Android.

For more information, visit Hennepin County’s Choose to Reuse Program or call 612.348.3777.

Opt out of phone books

If you don't use phone books anymore, you can opt out of phone book delivery by going to the Yellow Pages opt-out site.

If you haven’t opted out and have unwanted phone books, place them in your recycling cart for collection.