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Utility Billing FAQs

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  • Can I pay by credit card?

  • How can I change the name or mailing address on my water bill?

  • How can I make sure my water meter or meter interface unit (MIU) is not damaged when I am doing home remodeling work?

  • How do I pay online if I own multiple properties in St. Louis Park?

  • How do I set up automatic payments?

  • How is the sewer charge on my water bill calculated?

  • I received a letter that I may have continuous water flow (a water leak). How can I detect the leak?

  • What is PCI compliance, and why is it so important?

  • What services are billed by the city's Utility Billing Department?

  • When I cancel services, what's next?

  • When I move out of my house, does the city turn off the water?

  • Why did my neighbor get a bill, but I didn't?

  • Why is my water bill so high?

  • Why should I register to pay a bill?