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Snow Plowing

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Snow Emergency Information

updated: Monday, February 13, 2017

The winter parking ban IS NOT in effect. During a snow emergency, on-street parking is prohibited until the street is plowed to the curb. Any vehicle parked on an unplowed street during a snow emergency may be ticketed and towed. Please see below for more information about snow emergencies.

How to Know if a Snow Emergency is in Effect?

There are more ways than ever to know if a snow emergency is in effect.




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  • Winter Parking Hotline
    For snow emergency information, call the Winter Parking Hotline at 952.924.2180 for a 24-hour recorded message.

  • ParkAlert
    Sign up for the city’s ParkAlert citizen notification system. The ParkAlert system allows you to choose how to be contacted: text messaging, emails, cell phone calls, land line calls or all of these ways. The notification system automatically calls all phone numbers listed in the white and yellow pages, but signing up allows you to designate the best way to contact you.

  • MyStLouisPark App
    Use the MyStLouisPark app, which allows smartphone users to receive push notification alerts. The app, which allows users to submit services requests to the city and more, will display a notification announcing the snow emergency.
    Visit the iTunes or Android store today to download the app (search for MyStLouisPark).

  • Snow Emergency Announcements
    Finally, the city will announce snow emergencies on the city website, social media sites (Twitter and Facebook), Nextdoor, the winter parking hotline and the local media.

If you’re not connected by phone or computer to receive or check for snow emergency information, just remember that anytime snow is predicted, especially three inches or more, you should move your vehicle off the street.

The City of St. Louis Park uses a proactive Snow Emergency declaration to notify residents that they must remove vehicles from city streets to accommodate plowing operations.
Here’s what you need to know:
1. Three inches of snow or more will still be the guideline for removing vehicles off the street. Depending on available forecasts the city may declare a snow emergency in advance.
Example: leading forecasts call for the city to receive 4 to 7 inches of snow between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. on December 15. The city would proactively announce during the evening of December 15 that a Snow Emergency will be in effect at 11 p.m. December 15.
2. As always, vehicles parked on a street during a snow emergency are subject to ticketing. If your vehicle remains on the streets 12 hours after it’s ticketed, it will be towed.
3. The snow emergency will remain in effect until your street is plowed to the curb. As soon as your street is plowed to the curb, you may again park vehicles on the street.
4. Snow removal operations are not changing.The city will provide the same high-quality service following the same pattern it has in the past – plowing main roads and then moving into neighborhoods.
5. The new snow emergency declaration also provides additional flexibility. If the city received three back-to-back snow events of two inches each for three days, for instance, it could declare a snow emergency if needed to plow streets. Or in the spring if there is more than three inches of snow predicted, but also high temperatures the following day that would likely melt the snow, the city could decide not to call a snow emergency.
When On-Street Parking Is Allowed
On-street parking is allowed as soon as streets have been plowed to the curb and snowfall has ended. The city sends notification when a snow emergency has officially ended; to be safe you could wait for this announcement.
When snow accumulation is less than three inches, plows may be dispatched but parking is not banned. However, snow plow drivers can do a better job of clearing streets if you park off the street even during minor snowfalls. If you aren't sure if parking is banned, call the Winter Parking Hotline at 952.924.2180.
Vehicles Can Be Ticketed and Towed
Vehicles parked on unplowed streets will be ticketed. If they're not moved within 12 hours of being ticketed, they can be towed. Ticket and towing charges can include any of the following and can be higher:
  • $30 minimum parking ticket (fee can be higher)
  • $127 minimum towing charge, plus administrative fees (additional charges if the vehicle must be shoveled out or weighs more than one ton)
  • $30 storage fee per day
If You're Plowed In, Ticketed Or Towed
If your vehicle is ticketed or plowed-in, dig it out immediately and move it to a driveway, garage or plowed street. City ordinance prohibits vehicles from parking within 50 feet (about two car lengths) of any snow left behind when plows went around parked cars. You can be ticketed and towed if you park too close to an unplowed area of the street.
If your vehicle is towed, call Bobby & Steve's at 952.944.9955, option 3, to find out where to pick up your vehicle.
Avoid Ticketing and Towing
To avoid the risk of ticketing and towing, please pay attention to the weather forecast. If snowfall is predicted - regardless of depth - don't take a chance; park on the driveway or in your garage. If you're going to be away from home, don't leave your car on the street.
If you aren't sure if parking is banned, call the Winter Parking Hotline at 952.924.2180.
Another way to avoid a ticket and towing is simply to make it your winter habit to park off the street, especially at night.
City ordinance prohibits vehicles from being parked within 50 feet (about two car lengths) of any snow left behind when plows went around parked cars. You can be ticketed and towed if you park too close to an unplowed area of the street.

Have Snow Plowing Questions?
Call Public Works at 952.924.2562 during regular business hours.

Parking: Winter Exceptions

updated: Thursday, December 22, 2016

There are some exceptions to the winter parking ordinance - but only in a few neighborhoods where parking is limited because of apartment buildings or commercial businesses. In these areas, parking within the first 24 hours of the snow emergency going into effect is allowed. After the first 24 hours, however, vehicles must be moved to a plowed street...

Sidewalk Snow Removal

updated: Friday, February 17, 2017

After a snowfall, snow on residential sidewalks must be removed by the same day if there are six or more hours of daylight following the snowfall or by noon the following day. Sidewalks in front of apartments or commercial buildings must be cleared within four hours once the snow has stopped falling or by the beginning of business hours the next day...

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