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Ice Control Practices

The city has a council adopted Snow Removal / Ice Control Policy which provides for snow removal activities and establishes priorities for how this is accomplished. The council has not established a "bare pavement" or ice free (safety) requirement. Use of chemical and or sand applications have been reduced due to environmental and budgetary...

Parking: Winter Exceptions

There are some exceptions to the winter parking ordinance - but only in a few neighborhoods where parking is limited because of apartment buildings or commercial businesses. In these areas, parking within the first 24 hours of the snow emergency going into effect is allowed. After the first 24 hours, however, vehicles must be moved to a plowed street...

Sidewalk Snow Removal

After a snowfall, snow on residential sidewalks must be removed by the same day if there are six or more hours of daylight following the snowfall or by noon the following day. Sidewalks in front of apartments or commercial buildings must be cleared within four hours once the snow has stopped falling or by the beginning of business hours the next day...

Snow and Ice Removal FAQs

A. When there is a large amount of snow present, snow storage in the medians, boulevards and alleys becomes sparse or non-existent in most places in the city. With boulevards generally being no more than four to five feet wide and alleys having 10 feet or less driving area, snow storage space is in short supply. The fallout from this shortage is that...

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