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Sidewalk Snow Removal

updated: Friday, February 17, 2017

Clear sidewalks after a snowfall
After a snowfall, snow on residential sidewalks must be removed by the same day if there are six or more hours of daylight following the snowfall or by noon the following day. Sidewalks in front of apartments or commercial buildings must be cleared within four hours once the snow has stopped falling or by the beginning of business hours the next day. 

Need to report a sidewalk that is not shoveled?
To report a sidewalk that has not been shoveled, call 952.924.2562.

Need help shoveling your sidewalk?
H.O.M.E., a program of Senior Community Services, a non-profit agency, provides homemaking and home maintenance services for residents age 60 or older in many suburban communities of Hennepin County, including St. Louis Park. Their services include snow shoveling, raking and mowing, interior and exterior painting, minor repairs, installation of safety bars, house cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping. To request services, please call 952.746.4046.

Sidewalk Snow Removal Tips
You – or anyone you hire – must throw snow onto your property, not the street. Shoveling snow onto streets creates unsafe driving conditions and violates city ordinance. For everyone’s safety, please shovel sidewalks promptly. City ordinance requires homeowners to shovel sidewalks on the same day of a snowfall, if six hours of daylight remain after the snow has stopped falling. Otherwise, sidewalks must be cleared by noon the following day. If you are leaving town for a few days or a few months, make arrangements for someone to shovel your walk while you are away.

Snow Removal Ordinance Enforcement
Sidewalks are inspected on a random basis. Failure to shovel may result in tagging and a fine. The first offense fine for failing to shovel a sidewalk is $25. After that, the fine doubles for each additional snowfall when the sidewalk is not shoveled. Residents should re-shovel their sidewalk if a plow passes and leaves snow on the path. Drivers should also avoid parking to block access to sidewalks at mid-block, which forces pedestrians to walk to the end of the block to reach the sidewalk. To file a snow removal complaint, call 952.924.2562 or email

Keep Hydrants Clear of Snow
During the winter, we ask residents to help keep fire hydrants clear of snow for easy access for firefighters in the event of a fire.

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