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Zoning Code

updated: Monday, May 22, 2017

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The Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 36 of City Code, establishes regulations and minimum requirements controlling the location, construction, alteration and use of structures and land within the city.

The ordinance creates use districts, which regulates what activities are permitted in different parts of the city. For example, the city Council may determine that a heavy industrial zone is not appropriate in a certain location because of its proximity to sensitive environmental features or residential districts. Zoning also creates minimum and maximum standards for yard area (setbacks), architectural materials, height, and parking. The purpose of the ordinance is the protection of the health, safety and welfare of the community.

Associated with the Zoning Ordinance is the official zoning map. This map shows the different districts and their boundaries. St. Louis Park has eleven different zoning districts. The zoning district associated with a property can be found on the map; the standards for each district are located in the Zoning Ordinance.

The zoning district of a property may be modified by the City Council; often, zoning districts change when redevelopment occurs. When considering modifications to the Official Zoning Map, the City Council considers the request of the applicant, the recommendations of city staff and the Planning Commission, and the guidance found in the Comprehensive Plan.

Zoning Codes  
Chapter 36 Table of Contents  
Article I--In General 
Purpose, rules, definitions
Article II--Administrative and Enforcement 
Registration of land use, application process, public hearings
Article III--General Provisions   

Article IV Zoning Districts

Div 1 Generally    
Div 2 Land Use Descriptions and Characteristics (updated 6-14)  
Div 3 Parks and Open Space Zoning District  
Div 4 Residential District Regulations   
Div 5 Commercial District Regulations   
Div 6 Office District Regulations   
Div 7 Business Park District Regulations   
Div 8 Industrial District Regulations   
Div 9 M-X Mixed Use District   
Div 10 Planned Unit Development District   
Div 11 Floodplain Districts   
Div 12 Travel Demand Management District   
Article V--Special Provisions 
Parking, Sign Regulations, Lighting, Landscaping, Architectural Design
Article VI--Nonconformities  

***For Zoning information specific to your property, please contact the Community Development Department at 952.924.2575.

Recent Zoning Ordinance Amendments which are not included in the above chapters are as follows: 

2492-16: Definitions, Business Park, Industrial Park

2496-16: Floodplain Compensating Storage

2497-16: Healthcare Dwelling Opt Out

2498-16: Yard Encroachments, Sign Standards

2509-16: Floodplain Districts

2512-16: Fences

2514-17:  Dwellings at Religious Institutions


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